Yakatan Fund at Temple University

“I hope that some of these students will go on to make great contributions to the School and their communities as practicing pharmacists or take other professional routes as I did.”

— Gerald J. Yakatan

In January 2017, Gerald J. Yakatan Chairman of IriSys, LLC and his wife Una Yakatan established the Gerald & Una Yakatan Endowed Scholarship Fund at Temple University School of Pharmacy, designed to both help students enter into the study of pharmacy and help those who might otherwise not be able to complete their pharmacy education.

To additionally support Temple University, this year Dr. Yakatan and his wife also became the first Pharmacy School bequest donors to participate in a University program that would provide matching funds if a donor increased their funding commitment.

Seeing the value in helping young pharmacy students attending Temple recalls Dr. Yakatan’s time there where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The pharmacy training he obtained at Temple has been invaluable in his move to a career in pharmaceutical research and development.  Dr. Yakatan has received an Outstanding Alumnus Award from Temple University, and serves on the Visitors Board of the pharmacy school.

Dr. Yakatan’s gift back to Temple University will help the School create more possibilities for practicing pharmacists and for the pharmaceutical industry. Ideally, with support from the School of Pharmacy, this gift will provide more opportunities for future pharmacists, scientists, or entrepreneurs.

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