Outside Focus & Inner Wellness

We just had our first company-sponsored yoga class, offered to everyone at IRISYS. A group of employees gathered in a tranquil setting and let the instructor guide them to a peaceful inner place.

IRISYS employees often have an “outside” focus…serving the R&D, manufacturing, and regulatory needs of our customers; helping companies around the country, as well as international companies outside the U.S.; thinking “outside the box” to find creative solutions to their problems.

Yoga is said to have many benefits for the “inner” self, including a decline in stress-related sick occurrences, improved alertness and concentration, and a better ability to react calmly in demanding situations.

Whether or not our experiences provide empirical data to support those claims, it was invigorating taking a break and stretching on a mat while wearing comfy clothes. We’re looking forward to having the class in-house twice a month. Om…
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Welcome to Societal™
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