The Future Of Drug Development in China

IRISYS Chairman, CEO & Founder Dr. Gerald Yakatan has written a guest blog titled “The Future Of Drug Development in China” giving insight on the emerging drug market in China, you can find the article online here:

Here’s a small snippet of the article:

In China, when the government makes a decision about what should happen, that goal is usually supported by the most important component: Money. Now that the government has committed money to becoming a powerhouse in drug discovery, they are recruiting scientists who have been residing in the U.S., Europe, and Japan to either return or move to China. In addition to this flux of talent, the government has also invested in a better educational system, and Chinese universities are emerging as intellectual powerhouses in many scientific areas. Once the universities get better and start churning out their own PhDs and scientists, these people will enter China’s booming pharma industry. All of this is going to help China become a much stronger competitor in the drug discovery and development arena.


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