China’s Struggle To Shake It’s Reputational Issues in 2019

“While 2018 was a big year for Chinese R&D on the whole, the sector hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.” That is Phil Taylor’s opening statement as he discusses the difficulties of China’s reputation problem, which plagued them in 2018. In his article, Can China’s R&D Sector Shake Its Reputational Issues In 2019?, The revelation that researcher Jiankui had bypassed regulatory oversight and edited human embryos without proper disclosure brought to light yet another incident that causes us to question China’s R&D’s reputation. Taylor shares other instances where China has been part of the headlines for all the wrong reasons, such as the GlasxoSmithKline and Genentech intellectual property theft. There’s been innovative and financial successes as well, the issue is that they’ve been overshadowed by the negative practices that have surfaced over 2018.

“One area in which China is making big gains is in the regulatory environment, which will help China consolidate on this in 2019 and beyond…National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) reforms have been happening at a rapid pace, with escalating numbers of drug applications with priority review in the face of increased public engagement on medicines access. The latter was triggered in part by a hugely successful movie called Dying to Survive—a comedy about illegally importing leukemia drugs—which raised $200 million in its opening weekend and brought the issue of access to a wide audience. Faster review of applications for clinical trials is also helping: With the latest amendment to the NMPA’s review process, applications are approved if the agency does not respond within 60 working days of filing.” writes Taylor.

Taylor goes on to discuss a challenge, the migration of talent, particularly multinational pharma companies bleeding top China-based executives to the country’s emerging biotech leaders. He also states that there are some areas where China is threatening to overtake the west in biotech R&D and lose its reputation as a “fast-follower.”

China’s R&D is poised to do well in the future, and the R&D industry and the rest of the world is watching in anticipation for what is to come from them in 2019.

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