The Team Approach

Question: My group has a project that would require a team approach to create a solution. We’re having technical problems that go beyond formulation issues. Could we have an introductory call with more than one IRISYS representative?

Response: Yes, IRISYS always ensures that appropriate personnel are involved with a project from the beginning. We are fortunate to have a wide breadth of in-house expertise in our leadership and throughout the company. A hallmark of our customer-directed focus is bringing the right people together to create a dynamic team that collaborates through all stages of a project, including developing unique formulations for customers faced with difficult technical problems.

Here’s a recent testimonial from a client who discussed a new project with our CEO, Jerry Yakatan, as well as selected members of our R&D group:


Hi Jerry,

I just wanted to thank you and your team for the very productive conversation yesterday. I appreciated your time and your candor. From my end, your customer service, technical services and attention to projects are top tier and it is always my pleasure to work with you.

Best wishes,


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