Senior Scientist and Group Leader

Yevgeniya Plekhov

Yevgeniya is a senior scientist and group leader here at IRISYS.  She is a brilliant young woman, who mastered in organic chemistry at Karhkov University in the Ukraine and has earned certifications of proficiency in Nanocharacterization and Nanofabrication. She has worked in the field for 15 years, seven of which have been with IRISYS. While Yevgeniya’s credentials and experience are certainly impressive, her passion for her work is truly infectious and she describes her work as her “dream job”.  She enjoys overcoming the challenges and solving the puzzles that often accompany the formulation of a novel product.

There is tremendous diversity in the projects that we are able to complete at IRISYS, and when asked what she enjoys doing the most, Yevgeniya replied “There is something satisfying in each project. There is always a challenge to overcome, and I will find a way.”  She continued to explain “We work with the client and design whatever dosage form is required.  We are not limited to one technique.  And soon, our manufacturing capacity will be expanding even further within our laboratory, when the lyophilization machinery arrives.  We will then be able to handle phase II trials of pharmaceuticals that require lyophilization as a stabilizing technique.”

Although the range of projects is remarkably diverse, Yevgeniya states that “each client receives our full attention to achieve their goals.  Clients often know a part of the process, but because of our extensive expertise and past experiences we are able to improve the study and design it with the end goal of quality in mind.”  Yevgeniya has a background in quality control, so she looks at each project with a “quality by design” approach that has saved our clients both time and money.  “When resources are limited, you want to get it right, so we design formulations that apply quality criteria for the end result.”  And, when clients need something done, it happens quickly.  One such client called in the morning, because they were importing a shipment to Canada and needed additional certification paperwork from one of our outsourced vendors.  By the afternoon, the appropriate paperwork was delivered, and the delivery of the shipment proceeded without delay.  Yevgeniya handled that personally and when she told her daughter the story, her daughter responded “Wow, mommy!  You were a hero!”

Yevgeniya is inspiring to her daughters, both inside and out of the lab.  In addition to her other credentials, she also has earned a teaching diploma from the Ukraine, and her passion for science extends far beyond the lab.  She loves to teach, coach and train, both through the dissemination of information and by example.  She is one of two head coaches for the Science Olympiad at her daughter’s school and in addition to leading a team of 20 volunteers, she has personally coached the session on viruses, last year, and the density lab this year.  She also encourages others to take part in the Science Olympiad in their children’s school.  “It is so important to teach the future.” The power of her conviction when speaking on this subject is simply beautiful.

IRISYS is a great company because of our incredible team.  Each member is special – each member brings their own experience and background to the IRISYS family and is invested in their job, the success of our clients’ projects, and this company.

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