Senior Scientist- Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing

Shweta Sinkar, Ph.D.

Shweta Sinkar is a Senior Scientist in the Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing department. Before joining the IRISYS family in 2019, Shweta was already an accomplished biomedical and pharmaceutical scientist with an extensive background. Originally from Mumbai, India, she moved away from home to pursue her academic career.  Coming to the United States, Shweta attended the University of Rhode Island, where she received her Ph.D. in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. She then completed her post-doctoral research in the University of Utah’s Bioengineering department, working on the development of HIV prevention technologies for women in developing nations. This work naturally led to her working as a Senior Research Investigator for the Population Council’s Center for Biomedical Research in New York City where she developed technologies that could aid in the prevention of both STDs and unplanned pregnancies. She very proudly stated that her work during this time was centered on empowering women in developing nations to take control of their sexual and reproductive health. 

By the time Shweta joined the team at IRISYS, she had  published in a wide array of scientific publications and had even filed a patent for technology that she developed. Her scientific curiosity, natural creativity and powerful work ethic comes through in all her work. “I always wanted to work in an environment where there was an opportunity to work on different product development projects (sterile and non-sterile) and at all levels of development spectrum (R&D through clinical manufacturing). ” Shweta says that her experience has been unique because of the variety of products that she has had the ability to work on at IRISYS as well as other projects that she has been able to help her colleagues tackle. She really enjoys the environment in the lab and office, describing it as a place of constant learning that pushes all the scientists to adapt to new and different challenges. When speaking to her, you can feel her excitement for the work she does. “We don’t give up easily. We go the extra mile  to provide solutions that help products advance towards clinics. And we are always transparent with clients. I honestly can’t think of something that we cannot do.”

Outside of IRISYS, Shweta is an active member of Women In Bio’s Southern California chapter. She loves to cook, has recently picked up gardening as a hobby, and enjoys spending time outdoors in sunny SoCal with her family. She also enjoys taking hiking trips with her husband -her favorites being trips to Glacier National Park in Montana and Bishop in the Eastern Sierra and she looks forward to exploring more National Parks in the future.  

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