Associate Director of Pharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing

Miray Mousa

Miray Mousa is the Associate Director of Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing. Miray is a leader within the company, having been a part of IRISYS for nearly seven years now. Since then, she became an expert in the production of multiple dosage forms and has been integral in the company’s expansion into aseptic manufacturing. Originally from Alexandria, Egypt, Miray emphasized the pride she feels in the challenges she has overcome in her life. “I moved from Egypt to the United States at the end of high school and I didn’t speak any English!” The language barrier on its own would have been hard enough but moving to a new country to go to school was incredibly difficult. Miray says she feels very fortunate that she met the people she did along the way who supported her and pushed her. “Being on my own in a new country, in a new culture and learning a new language was hard but I always felt like I had something to prove to myself. That kept me going”.

As a child, Miray was always drawn toward science. She recalls that she always had a natural aptitude toward subjects such as biology, chemistry and mathematics and that, with the help of her father, who is a civil engineer, she was able to continue down the path of becoming a scientist through higher education. Miray received her Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical science from the University of Toledo in Ohio and found her first position as a Scientist in Orange County, California, where she worked for two years on commercial injectable formulation and production. At the end of 2014, Miray moved to San Diego and began work here at IRISYS. “My first job gave me the knowledge and background in every step of injectable production, from the sterile rooms to qualifications to FDA regulations. But coming to IRISYS allowed me to expand my skills and got me working in multiple parts of the production and formulation process that were new to me.” Miray remarked that her time with us in San Diego has been unique since her very first day. “My first project at IRISYS was a cream formulation and although I had the knowledge from my time in undergrad, my work experience had been specific to injectables. Every project since my first has taught me to be flexible and open to learning and improving my skills. Working at IRISYS allows me to have more interaction with all parts of the process and has given me an even deeper, more practical education in pharmaceutical production.”

Outside of the lab, Miray is a world traveler. Her most recent trip also happens to be her favorite. In the summer of 2019, she went on a trip through Spain where she and her husband saw Madrid, Barcelona and many other cities and towns along the way. She hopes to visit Greece and Thailand in the future and she also wants to see the cherry blossoms in bloom in Japan. Something very important to her would also be visiting Egypt with her family. “I grew up in Egypt and we have such a rich culture, I hope to visit with my children someday soon so they can see where their family is from”.


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