Scientist and Senior Manger of Quality Control

Jignesh Patel

Jignesh Patel is the Senior Manager of Quality Control (QC) at IRISYS and his story stands as a testament to the incredible work ethic and tight knit community that IRISYS fosters in its employees and in the workplace. 

Growing up, Jignesh discovered his love for science while spending time watching the Discovery Channel with his father. Initially, due to his interest in physics, he thought he might one day try to be an astronaut. However, he was persuaded by a close friend to keep his feet on the ground and explore opportunities in pharmaceutical sciences. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Jignesh made the tough decision to relocate his life and career to the United States in 2008. After working as a research assistant for a time, Jignesh enrolled at Cal State, San Marcos as a part of the master’s program in Biotechnology. Upon receiving his master’s degree in 2012, he was promptly hired at Irisys as a Quality Control Scientist. Jignesh has been an integral member of the IRISYS family ever since, rising through the company from his initial position to Senior Manager of the Quality Control department. When asked about moving to the United States to pursue his career, Jignesh said “I would not have faced the same challenges that I did if I had stayed in my home country”. He continued “some people have family support or can just focus their time on their studies or work. I supported myself and I had to work while I went to school”. Although he undoubtedly faced many difficulties, when Jignesh speaks about his time since coming to the United States, you can tell that he views challenges not as roadblocks but as further opportunities to prove himself and his abilities as a pharmaceutical scientist. 

Discussing his long tenure at the company, Jignesh commented on the amazing experience he has had in building his career alongside the company’s growth. He enjoys that, as the company has expanded, the projects that he has had the chance to work on are incredibly varied and they provide new challenges for the QC team, which they readily overcome. As the Senior Manager of QC, Jignesh insists that maintaining quality and efficiency are the paramount goals that his team must achieve, but they are also part of the accomplishments that he is most proud of.  “Sometimes clients need things done very quickly.  Sometimes we’re only given a week to accomplish their needs, but we never sacrifice quality.  We meet the timeline without ever compromising quality.” IRISYS takes on a wide variety of projects year to year so having departments that are trained and managed by someone with Jignesh’s experience and eye for precision is invaluable. Having gotten his start on the very team he now manages, Jignesh understands what it is like to be a part of the process and talked about how this provides him a better understanding of the common pitfalls that can be encountered with new projects. One of the moments in his career that he still is proudest of was being a part of the preparation for an FDA audit, where we passed the audit without any observation required. “When the FDA is happy, everyone else is happy” he remarked with a smile, saying “and when the FDA is happy, we can ensure our clients are happy too”. 

Jignesh is a valuable part of the IRISYS family, and San Diego has become his home. Outside of the lab, Jignesh takes advantage of what life in San Diego has to offer, stating “San Diego is beautiful, it’s a great place to live”. He loves sports like volleyball and cricket, as well as taking in the amazing hikes around San Diego county, such as the hikes at Mount Woodson which has his favorite trail to the famous Potato Chip Rock.

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