Microbiology Manager- Quality Control Department

Jayshree Patel, Ph.D.

In the last 15 years, Jayshree Patel has built an incredible career, finding success in multiple disciplines and building a formidable background in the development and discovery of pharmaceuticals.

When discussing her passion for science, Jayshree credits her mother and grandmother as her ultimate role models. “Growing up as a woman in my community, we didn’t have many freedoms to pursue the things we were passionate about. Most girls were incredibly restricted. But my family was led by women and my mother and grandmother always pushed me to pursue my life’s dream”. With the support that she received from her family, Jayshree felt that she could choose a path less traveled where she would make a difference with her work. “A new antibiotic hadn’t been discovered in over 30 years and I always had it in my mind that I would do something new and meaningful, so I thought that this pursuit and this field is what I could dedicate myself to.” Since the first time she stepped foot in a lab at the age of 17, Jayshree has not looked back.

Jayshree earned her Ph.D. in Microbiology from the Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University in Patan, India. She also received her MBA in organizational management and leadership from National University. Upon completion of her Ph.D., Jayshree joined India’s National Innovation Foundation (NIF), working on Value Addition Research and Development (VARD), a key focus of the NIF, specifically searching for new antibiotics. While completing her post-doctoral work, she relocated to San Diego to continue her project in collaboration with the Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO). It was here that Jayshree was able to identify a novel phytochemical compound that may lead to the development of a new antibiotic, an astonishing accomplishment and a milestone that has not been achieved since 1987. Although India maintains the proprietary rights to her work and are continuing the project in her absence, Jayshree says she feels satisfied and excited about her participation in such an important project.

After her time at SIO, Jayshree decided that she wanted to stay in the US to be near family members who had previously relocated. She accepted a position with us at IRISYS because our company provided a new challenge to her professionally. “I like how I’m able to work in a new area within my field. I used to work strictly in research and discovery so shifting to work in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing was new and different.”  As the Manager of Microbiology in the Quality Control Department, Jayshree plays a key role in multiple different parts of the manufacturing process and will be an integral part of our expansion.  The aseptic suite, as well as everyone who enters and exits the new facility, will require rigorous and regular sample testing to ensure the quality of the sterile environment. “As a microbiologist, there are many challenges we face on the job but I really enjoy the fact that I work with multiple departments at IRISYS and I find my job very exciting. New method development, validation/qualification, and technology development are all really complex and long processes so seeing positive results is a really good feeling. Most biopharma companies don’t have all the resources in house for environmental monitoring or they don’t have quality control microbiology teams, so they still have to outsource. We don’t need to.”

In her free time, Jayshree loves to explore the outdoors and practice nature photography. When asked about her favorite place to spend time outside she warmly proclaimed “Everywhere! California is great for photography. The ocean, the mountains, the desert, it’s all beautiful”. In her most recent trips, she has visited Sequoia National Park as well as Death Valley and she can’t wait to travel more in the near future.


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