Mechanical Engineer- Validation and Manufacturing

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee is completing his first year as a member of the manufacturing department here at IRISYS. Although he is new to the pharmaceutical industry, as the only mechanical engineer in the company, Daniel plays a key role on the manufacturing team. Born in Los Angeles, he grew up moving between different cities and countries rather regularly for his father’s work, from Saipan to Guam, Arizona to California, eventually settling in San Diego. In 2020, Daniel graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Neither of his parents had previously received any advanced education so the opportunity for Daniel to go to college was both incredibly important and a new challenge for him and his family. At the start, Daniel knew that he wanted to go into a technical or scientific field and he chose mechanical engineering because it felt very natural for him. “Mechanical engineering struck a good balance between creativity and science in a way that really fit me. I have a strong eye for detail but also enjoy being a part of the process of making things”. Daniel’s work focuses on the capsule manufacturing process, assisting the Manager of Validation and Manufacturing to qualify and operate large-scale pharmaceutical production machinery while also providing preventative maintenance and troubleshooting solutions. Although his educational background gives him the unique skills to work on a production line to assist in improving efficiency, Daniel commented that the best education you can receive as a young professional comes from working. “If I could give future scientists and engineers one piece of advice, I would tell them to start looking for work or internship opportunities as early as possible. You learn a lot in university but being able to acclimate to a work environment can be difficult and the things you learn in a hands-on environment are incredibly valuable”. With all of the variety in projects we work on at IRISYS, Daniel stressed the importance of being willing to learn something new. “We wear a lot of hats so you have to be ready to involve yourself in a lot of different parts of the production process. My experience has taught me to adapt and be willing to learn while I do my job”. 

When asked about projects he hopes to be a part of in the future, Daniel noted that he wants to expand his skills for future projects. “I have a solid base of understanding of hardware but I am interested in expanding my knowledge into software, specifically into different coding languages, to participate in the automation trend in the manufacturing field”. He expanded, “I think the way we are beginning to integrate robotics into different industries is fascinating and being able to be a part of that would be an incredible opportunity”. 

In his free time Daniel enjoys exercise and outdoor activities. He plays tennis and enjoys getting his hands dirty in a garden. Currently he is trying to get into basketball. You can often find him shooting hoops behind the IRISYS facility on his lunch break. He enjoys spending time with friends and is a prolific gamer as well. Daniel is a young and active professional with a bright career ahead of him and we are glad to have him as a member of the team. 

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