Manager of Validation and Manufacturing

Cristobal Iribarren

IRISYS, LLC is pleased to introduce our new Manager of Validation and Manufacturing, Cristobal Iribarren.  Cristobal comes to us directly from Chile where he earned his Masters in Pharmaceutical Science from the University of Chile, as well as a diploma in business management from Adolfo Ibáñez University.  Though he may be new to both IRISYS and the United States, his 20 years of experience within the pharmaceutical field is extensive.  He has worked in research & development, validation, production, and even spent two years in business development. There is nothing that Cristobal cannot do.  Nevertheless, when speaking about his impressive background, Cristobal’s goodhearted, humble nature was ever present, stating, “I just feel lucky to have had these experiences because I now feel that I understand every part of the process.”  The depth of his experience and warm personality is a welcome addition to the IRISYS family.

Cristobal describes his move to the U.S. as his life’s project. His wife is originally from the United States and, although they were well established in Chile, she wanted to be closer to her family.  Thus, in 2019, they started planning the move.  Initially, Cristobal came to San Francisco to take an advanced English course, as well as visit and see what California had to offer.  He and his family also spent time traveling around the state, visiting Humboldt, Yosemite National Park, as well as Disneyland. Having had a wonderful experience, they chose to go through the process of moving from one country to another.  “It really is starting from the very beginning.  You have to close up your house, sell it, sell your car, and find a new place to live here all while working.”  While Cristobal worked on getting settled here, his wife and daughter had remained in Chile.  Happily, they were re-united at the beginning of April.

Though there is no shortage of challenges to an overseas move, he is very happy here with IRISYS.  “I feel that I have chosen well.  It’s a small company compared to others that I’ve worked for in the past, but it’s nice because everyone knows each other and works well together. It’s a wonderful environment and there are a lot of projects.  The time at work passes very quickly.”  Cristobal will also be managing the expansion of our sterile manufacturing facilities as well as the installation and validation of the lyophilizer. “It’s exciting that we are growing and are investing in our plant and in new technology.  I have worked for several years in manufacturing plants, but sterile plants are not very common.  You must consider a lot of details and requirements.  They are rare because it is difficult, expensive and time consuming to follow through with all the requirements and specifications.  The set up must be meticulous.  Our new sterile area will be a big strength.”  He continued to state that IRISYS is also unique because it is extremely flexible.  “Many companies are more focused and less flexible. However, at IRISYS we can develop and manufacture a lot of different products and formulations.” Continuing with a smile, Cristobal added, “If you need a coated capsule, you will have it. If you need it in tablet form, you will have that too.  We can do anything.”

Cristobal’s sense of humor and kind nature shines through in every topic that he speaks on, from his family, and the recent move to his work.  When asked what advice he would give to future generations Cristobal replied, “I am very happy with the choices that I have made. You have to do what you like, or it becomes easy to be frustrated with your life.  If you like science, study science.  If you like music, study music.  Sometimes even within your career you must choose.  You’ll get a lot of advice.  Sometimes you must listen to other people, but sometimes it’s better to listen to yourself and do what makes you happy.”

For more information and to learn about the full range of capabilities at IRISYS, please contact:   858-623-1520