IRISYS Announces Dr. Robert Giannini, Ph.D., As New President

San Diego, June 16, 2019 – IRISYS is pleased to announce that Dr. Robert Giannini, Ph.D., Chief Scientific and Technical Officer at IRISYS, has been promoted to President of IRISYS. The news comes to no surprise at IRISYS, as Dr. Giannini has played an influential role in the growth of the company for the last 15 years.  

Dr. Giannini joined IRISYS in 2003 when they operated with 8 employees in a 10,000 sq ft facility. Since then he’s been instrumental in the growth of the company to over 50 employees in a 24,500 sq ft facility.

Dr. Giannini has directed the development of commercial manufacturing and packaging at IRISYS including oral liquids, tablets and non-sterile syringe filling for liquids and powders. He also directed the establishment of IRISYS’ sterile manufacturing system.

During his tenure at IRISYS, he has acquired countless NIH contracts, and as a Principal Investigator, he has directed the completion of more than 50 pharmaceutical development and manufacturing projects. Dr. Giannini has directed IRISYS’ Research and Development department and has expanded the company’s development competencies to a wide range of dosage forms.

“We here at IRISYS take pride in supporting each other and growing together. Dr. Giannini has shown exemplary work and is an excellent industry leader. IRISYS is excited to see what the future holds under his leadership,” Says company chairman, CEO, and Founder, Dr. Gerald Yakatan, Ph. D.

Dr. Giannini has more than 30 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. His knowledge includes the development of a wide range of dosage forms such as controlled/extended release solids, oral liquids, and injectables. To read more about his accomplishments, visit our Leadership page.


About IRISYS (

IRISYS was founded in 1996 to provide contract pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing services, specializing in formulation development, cGMP / GMP manufacturing of clinical trial materials and commercial pharmaceutical products, and strategic consulting related to the drug development process. IRISYS’ custom approach to drug development is supported by the Company’s scientific and regulatory experience in moving more than 100 drug products from discovery to clinical development and commercialization.
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