Tablet Manufacturing

Tablet manufacturing is a key service provided by IRISYS, and we have the capabilities to be your custom tablet manufacturer. Tablets are used widely may provide a number of advantages over other dosage forms, including portability, ease of storage, and ease of administration. Tablets may also increase dosing accuracy, which underscores the need for skilled tablet manufacturing, including tablet formulation and compression.

Tablet formulation/compression and tablet manufacturing demand special expertise because the size and shape of the tablets may impact a patient’s ability to swallow the drug and affect the transit of the product through the pharynx and esophagus.

Production of tablets in pharmaceutical manufacturing requires special attention for generic tablet formulations, which are required to be both pharmaceutically and therapeutically equivalent to a reference listed drug. IRISYS’ tablet preparation and tablet manufacturing pays careful attention to the numerous physical characteristics that must be considered in order to avoid medication errors.

Our clinical manufacturing organization provides the following tablet formulations:

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