Pre-filled Syringes

IRISYS’ capabilities as a syringe manufacturer includes syringe filling contract manufacturing – producing pre-filled syringes to our clients’ specifications.

Pre-filled syringes are used to deliver parenteral medications. Pre-filled syringe contract manufacturing involves a single dose of parenteral drug incorporated into the delivery device by the syringe manufacturer. IRISYS’ experience with syringe manufacturing processes includes all aspects of injection syringe manufacturing.

Disposable syringe manufacturers create products that are efficient, reliable and convenient. Pharmaceutical companies rely on syringe filling contract manufacturing to help them control costs by minimizing drug overfill and microbial contamination.  Syringe manufacturers assist healthcare workers and patients by providing easy-to-use, fixed dose options that can be used in the hospital and home. Importantly, pre-filled syringe manufacturers provide a drug delivery mechanism that reduces dosing errors.

IRISYS is an experienced syringe manufacturer that can address all of your syringe filling contract manufacturing needs, including packaging and labeling for sterile fill syringes used in clinical trials.

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