Capsule Manufacturing

IRISYS can fulfill all your capsule formulation and capsule manufacturing needs.

Expertise with capsule manufacturing is essential because patient compliance with medication regimens may be influenced by the size and shape of the drug capsule. Special attention must be paid to capsule formulation development, the capsule filling process, and other aspects of the capsule manufacturing process. IRISYS’ experience with capsule manufacturing includes the manufacturing of soft gelatin capsules, as well as hard gelatin capsule manufacturing.

Appropriate capsule formulation and capsule manufacturing can lead to the production of capsules that are manufactured to minimize swallowing difficulties, which can encourage and improve patient compliance with their drug regimens.

Our clinical manufacturing organization provides the following capsule formulations:

  • Capsules, hard gelatin or HPMC (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), liquid-filled
  • Capsules, hard gelatin or HPMC, powder-filled
  • Capsules, controlled or sustained release
  • Capsules, soft gelatin

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