Topical Formulations

IRISYS’ expertise with difficult to develop products includes topical formulations, which have several advantages.  Topical preparations allow delivery of the drug substance to a specific site for both local and systemic effects, as well as improved patient compliance. Topical formulation development, however, requires specific acumen because the skin functions as a mechanical barrier that limits the penetration of many drug substances. Topical formulations must be able to get through the barrier and maintain the drug dosage integrity and activity before and after penetration.

The specific formulation of a topical preparation is as important as the drug itself because the interaction of a topical pharmaceutical with the skin can alter the efficacy of the drug. Topical formulation development must pay particular attention to properties that can alter skin absorption and efficacy such as pH, surfactants, and viscosity. Ideally, topical formulation development includes preformulation development studies that ensure the appropriate selection of excipients for optimal topical preparations.

IRISYS can develop customized topical formulations that offer increased bioavailability, enhanced stability, optimized viscosity, and optimized polymer network for high electrolyte content.

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