Sustained Release Dosage Forms

Sustained Release Dosage Forms - Formulation Development San Diego CA

Dosage forms are an important means for controlling the rate of release of a drug and/or the location of release. IRISYS’ world-class formulation development services include sustained release dosage forms, which range from various types of sustained release preparations to sustained release tablet formulations.

Our sustained release dosage forms are customized to lengthen the release rate of a drug. The term “sustained release dosage forms” is often considered synonymous with “extended” or “prolonged” release dosage forms.

Importantly, prolonging drug release via sustained release dosage forms can allow a reduction in dosing frequency. This may decrease the compliance problems associated with frequent dosing. The use of sustained release technologies to create the appropriate sustained release preparations may therefore have a direct benefit for patients, particularly those with chronic diseases who take medicines for long periods of time.

IRISYS can create sustained release preparations to meet your particular needs. We also have the analytical support capabilities to conduct the specific stability tests that are required for each sustained release dosage form.

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