IRISYS has been providing contract formulation and GMP clinical trial supplies manufacturing services to early stage development companies, governmental agencies (NCI, NCATS, NIH) and commercial pharmaceutical companies for more than 20 years. IRISYS provides these organizations with possible dosage form options including all relevant information they will need to make rational development decisions.

Client Description
NIH Liquid filled capsule for bioavailability enhancement
NIH IV Protein/Peptide
Private Client Nano-particulate suspension for extended release (months) sub-cutaneous injection
Private Client Liquid adsorbed on a solid carrier for bioavailability enhancement, solid oral tablet
In-house IRI-761, liposomal drugs for accurate pH targeted release after IV injection
Private Client Stable pediatric oral liquid suspension & solution
Private Client Sustained release tablet
Private Client Pulsatile release, mini tablets, combination product
Private Client Injectable protein/small molecule complex
Private Client Stable pediatric oral liquid suspension
Private Client Dissolution studies in simulated biological fluids (SGF, SIF, SCF) in fasted and fed state and for different polymorphic forms
Private Client Immediate release tablet
Private Client Sterile ophthalmic drops
NIH Immediate release capsule
NIH Non-aqueous sterile injectable, IV
Private Client Long acting parenteral
Private Client Targeted Microbiome Transplant live bio-therapeutic anhydrous ointment
Private Client Subcutaneous peptide with limited bioavailability
Private Client Tween stabilized nanoparticles (NPs) formulation
NIH Powder in sachets
Private Client Hydro gel filled syringe for a topical peptide
Private Client Adsorption of drug solution onto a high surface area carrier for oral administration
Private Client Sterile solution for inhalation
NIH Sterile products for antigen-specific immunotherapy approach
Private Client Two syringe combination – powder filled syringe and polymer gel filled syringe

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