Build me a house – No power tools needed?!

On the Memorial Day weekend for the past 2 years, our employee Dave Foster, his wife Shari and other dedicated members of Amor Ministries and the Church of Rancho Bernardo go to Eastern Tijuana to build houses for those most in need, IN 3 DAYS! AND WITH NO POWER TOOLS! This year 83 members made the journey including 6 kids under 12 years old.

The goal – to build houses. The rules – construct basic shelter, 2 rooms, window, doors, rainproof roof and stucco walls. The construction site is ready with a concrete slab, pile of wood, sand and rock, bags of cement, and roofing supplies. 15-18 volunteers, mostly inexperienced, work at each job site. Yes, there is a leader, and experienced Dave is privileged to orchestrate the group to get the job done, AND with no power tools!! Later the inside would be completed by the new inhabitants. The fortunate new owners are selected by local churches who select those most need. This act of kindness is truly performed by dedicated souls. Living accommodations, well let’s just say are more than roughing it in the camping sense. There is a campground at the site with tents, food, a 5-gallon shower bucket, and port-a-potties. Don’t forget to bring your air mattress!

Everyone enjoys themselves and takes away a great overall experience. You get to know the families and share a sense of camaraderie, and pride in helping and fulfilling a human need of shelter. Also everyone leaves with experiencing firsthand an appreciation of our way of life and the blessings for which we are grateful.

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