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Welcome to the IRISYS blog, coming to you from sunny San Diego, where we have our company headquarters, laboratories, and manufacturing facility. Our blog features four series of posts to keep you up to date on work being done at IRISYS and the latest pharma trends. You’ll hear from our technology gurus and pharma industry experts, who invite you to ask questions about your product development challenges. You’ll meet the team whose teamwork extends beyond IRISYS to servicing the needs of our community. Here’s a brief intro to each series of posts:

Info from IRISYS

We’re proud to share the wisdom of Dr. Jerry Yakatan, Chairman, CEO and founder of IRISYS, who has decades of experience with pharmaceutical development, clinical trial strategy and design, and regulatory affairs. Info from IRISYS includes the Yakatan Rules for Pharma R&D Efficiency, which are extracted from his popular seminar, “Where Have All the New Drugs Gone: A Model for Improving the Efficiency and Costs of Pharmaceutical R&D.” Info from IRISYS also presents insights from other members of our Leadership group, whose expertise spans all aspects of pharma discovery and development.

News You Can Use

According to, the verb “curate” means “to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation, as music or website content.” (The British also use “curate” as a noun to refer to “a member of the clergy employed to assist a rector or vicar”, but we digress.) News You Can Use is our attempt to curate information that would be helpful for our readers. The items range from useful information found on the FDA website and other sources to tips from our employees for R&D companies.


IRISYS would like to assist with R&D problems you’re encountering. We welcome your questions and will respond via a blog post or a personal email reply. The responses include Case Studies that show how we were able to overcome similar problems encountered by our customers. Please submit questions to

Community Matters

Although a relatively small company, IRISYS tries our best to be good corporate citizens. Our social responsibility activities focus on food programs for needy children in our home town of San Diego and elsewhere. In addition to our group efforts, many individual IRISYS employees are giving their time and efforts to support education, health & welfare, and green initiatives. We hope our readers are inspired by our Community Matters chronicles.  

Welcome to Societal™
Recro has a new name. And, with it, a renewed sense of what we can accomplish with our partners to expedite the delivery of life-changing pharmaceuticals to patients. Together, we are truly Bringing Science To Society. You will soon be able to explore our vision with the upcoming launch of our new website.